The simple purpose of The Puppy Project is to give the public the possibility of purchasing a high quality puppy from a breeder who is dedicated to the breed, passionate about the breed, and responsible in their breeding methods. How can we do that?

There’s really only one way, and that’s with a certification program. The program that we’ve developed, which is entirely voluntary (but all the breeders you see on our website subscribe to) includes education and inspection.

Every breeder with the Gold Certification badge on their page has succeeded in passing the required courses and has had their physical facility inspected.

To give you an idea what sorts of things are included in our educational program, a brief synopsis is below:

  • Responsible Dog Breeding, General
    Sanitation and pest control
    Grooming, bathing, dentistry, veterinary examination
    Specific housing measures for dams and pups
    Quarantine contingencies
    Handling, socialization with conspecifics, adults and kids, cats
    General Canine Behavioral Interpretation
    Transportation: Safety and stress considerations, paperwork and regulations for interstate
    Environmental emergency contingency plans: contact info for care-givers, vet and back
    Environmental enrichment: recognition of stereopathies, boredom, frustration and ways
    Neonatal Care and First Aid
    Role of veterinarian in preventative medicine vs. do-it-yourself
    Vaccination and deworming protocols
    Infectious Diseases
    Internal and External Parasites
    Record Keeping