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Puppies are pets, not products. Get your new furry family member from a
certified breeder who has raised their pups with love!

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Finding the right breed for you and your lifestyle is critical. Let our proprietary Canine Compatibility page help you choose the right breed of puppy for you!


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Better Than a Pet Store

Sure it's fun going to a pet store. But it's really hard to walk out of pet store without a puppy. And that means you've made an impulse buy that is going to be part of your family and your responsibility for the next decade or longer.

On Puppy Project, we have a wider selection of breeds, and better bred, healthier puppies than you could find anywhere else. And we make it easy for you to purchase a great dog, that's perfect for you!

Make a Difference.
Save Lives.

Ending the Puppy Mill problem is part of the very fiber of the Puppy Project. Every puppy sold on the Puppy Project is one less puppy that is sold from a Puppy Mill. Buying a puppy in a Pet Store or from a Puppy Mill doesn’t save that dog, but helps feed the coffers of the mills that treat dogs so horrifically. Every puppy purchased from a Pet Store aids and abets the Puppy Mills business model of treating dogs like commodities. To read more about Puppy Mills click here.

Our Guarantee

There's nothing as sad as a sick puppy. Puppies that have been bred in the terrible conditions at Puppy Mills, then put on truck with a hundred other dogs and shipped cross country to arrive at a pet store tend to have the most medical problems. You won't see that sort of thing here at the Puppy Project. Our breeders are passionate and dedicated, and the puppies are raised individually with love and attention. Your new puppy will arrive to your home with Pet Insurance ready to activate, so should anything happen within 30 days, you're covered.

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.

Puppy Philosopher

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

Puppy Philosopher