About The Puppy Project

We Realize that Your New Puppy Will Be with You for a Decade or Longer.

So you don’t want to make a mistake.

Not a mistake by choosing the wrong dog for you life, nor a mistake by buying a dog from the wrong people. Our goal is simple…. to help you decide on the right breed of puppy and making sure that you and your dog stay together, healthy and happy, for the rest of your dog’s life.

So What Do We Offer You?

Safety:   Our breeders have undergoneVETcbs Certification Seal for Slider a rigorous certification process. Created by veterinarians, managed by veterinarians

Guarantees: If your dog develops an illness whose roots are genetic, at any time in the dog’s life, we will refund you 50% the fee spent on the purchase.

Perks:  We’re growing our network of veterinaryRefund Computer Button hospitals across the country that will accept payment in full from any insurance company that offers 90% coverage (we recommend Trupanion). That means NO OUT OF POCKET medical expenses. Ever.

All puppies come to you with Trupanion insurance ready to activate upon arrival.

Advice:  Some of the finest minds in veterinary medicine in the world are part of our Council. We cannot legally confer with anyone or specific cases, but we can write articles and create videos about what concerns you most.

The Puppy Project is an Initiative of The Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship

We veterinarians have watched in horror as Puppy Mills and Pet Stores have become the dominant retailers in the pet industry. It’s not that we mind them doing business, but the way that they’ve done business is abhorrent to us. The definition of a Puppy Mill, as defined by the ASPCA is “A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that places profit over the well-being of its dogs—who are often severely neglected—and acts without regard to responsible breeding practices.” and we’re against that. We want to change that. We aim to institute a system where the well-being of the dogs is paramount.

We believe the only way to do that is through the marketplace. We’ve seen legislation come and go in various communities, cities and states, all to no avail. The laws are simply to easy to get around, and there is never enough money for enforcement.

This country is filled with dedicated, passionate, high quality dog breeders. They’ve been breeding dogs for years, usually losing money, all for the love of the breed and the dogs they breed.

We believe the public wants to find these breeders but doesn’t know how to. Searching the Internet can be a very hit and miss proposition. We know that pet stores and puppy mills often create misleading websites and advertisements duping the public into believing that their looking at real breeders. The problem has always been that there is no certification program, nor standards, for dog breeders.

Certification and Standards

And that is what we have done. We’ve created standards for breeders to follow to allow them to achieve certification. You’ll know if you see a breeder listed on the Puppy Project that they’ve gone through a rigorous education and testing protocol, have had their homes inspected, and that they’re following vaccination and deworming protocols established by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Only by veterinarians and responsible breeders working together can we help the public find their great puppy.

Who is The Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship

We are a group of concerned veterinarians, many of us experts and leaders in our field, others simply concerned practicing veterinarians. By creating professional standards and accrediting breeders we differentiate responsible breeders from pet stores, puppy mills and novice breeders, making it easier for the public to buy a high quality puppy.

You can read more about our organization, and see some of the members of the council at www.VETcbs.com

Our Mission

Our core mission is to stop the factory farming of puppies by Puppy Mills. Our secondary mission, which will help us accomplish our primary mission, is to help the public find great breeders and great puppies. Certification by The Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship helps great breeders become professionals, and allows the public to rest assured that they’re not only buying a great dog, but just as importantly that their money isn’t going to support the Puppy Mill industry that treats dogs as products.

Our Goal

We see the day when all puppies are raised with love and affection. We see the day when puppies of all breeds are wind up in appropriate homes, where they can flourish. We see the day when puppies are purchased already insured, and can receive the very best medical care available. We see the day when the breeder of the puppy that you’ve bought will happily take back and re-home your dog should your life not allow you to keep it any more. We see the end of Puppy Mills. We see the end of Pet Stores selling puppies.

Our Model

The American Animal Hospital Association sets standards for veterinary practices, and inspects and certifies hospitals that meet those standards. It is entirely voluntary. However, a hospital that can display the AAHA logo has earned the right to say that they’re among the best animal hospitals in the nation. It means that a separate, independent governing body has inspected their practice methods and their facility and given them the due accolades.
The Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship will be for breeders what the American Animal Hospital Association has been for veterinarians.

How Not to Buy a Puppy

Buying a puppy is a decision that you’re going to live with for the next decade or more. It’s important that you make a smart choice. Until the Puppy Project, making a smart choice was extremely difficult. When someone wanted to buy a puppy their options were limited.

Visit a Pet Store

But Pet Stores are the retail outlets for Puppy Mills, so that’s not a safe bet.
There’s also a very real danger of walking into a pet store “Just to look” and walking out with a puppy. Puppies are very very hard to resist. And having a great time with a cute puppy for ten minutes in a pet store doesn’t mean that this breed of dog is the right breed for you! It also doesn’t mean that the apparently healthy puppy you’re looking at is truly healthy and comes from a great line. To the contrary, 99% of dogs sold in Pet Stores come from Puppy Mills.

Ask a friend?

Only if you’re lucky enough to have a friend who has the particular type of dog you may be looking for. And how can you even know that your friend has a healthy dog. Most people won’t own up to making bad choices. And even if your friend had a good experience, it doesn’t mean you will.

Go online?


The Internet is the great equalizer. It can make a sleazy business look like something out of Forbes. So how can you tell the good quality breeders from the ones who just have a nice website? You can’t! And we know that many Puppy Mills and Pet Stores create websites and classified ads that make it seem as though they’re real breeders, when in fact they’re selling you Puppy Mill dogs.