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What’s Next:

Remember, our goal is to differentiate great, responsible, ethical breeders from Pet Stores, Puppy Mills and “less than ethical” breeders. To that end we have a created barriers to certification that we believe any responsible breeder will be able to pass through easily, while less passionate and committed “breeders” will not.

These barriers include six main points:

  1. Education
  2. Inspection
  3. Vaccinating and Deworming according to AAHA protocols
  4. Keeping accurate medical records
  5. Agreeing to take back any puppy you sell for any reason at any time (at not cost to you) for re-homing or keeping
  6. Putting a Puppy Project Certified Breeder Seal and link on your website.


The standards can be seen on this page:  Puppy Project Standards

These standards include vaccination protocols, deworming protocols, veterinary visits, and record keeping.


The next step is education. We’re going to ask you watch a series of videos that you actually might find interesting. Much of the information in these videos you may already know. That’s alright, it will be a good review.  You can see a list of some of the videos on the same page listed above.

These videos were actually created for staff of veterinary hospitals, so you may hear some references to that effect. Don’t worry, the vast majority of the material is relevant to breeders as well. One day, we’ll have specialized videos for breeders.

In the meantime check your email for something from a company called This is the company that runs the video training series. You’ll receive this email within 24 hours of creating your account on The Puppy Project. Follow directions in the email.


The following step will the some sort of inspection of your facility (home) to make sure that we’re not allowing any puppy mills or pet stores on the site. We’ll explain afterwards how we intend to do this.


What to Do Now!

Review the standards by clicking on this link Puppy Project Standards.

Download the Medical Records form here: Medical Records FormFamiliarize yourself with it. (Note: there is an area on the medical record where you’ll have to put the stickers from the vaccines vials). Start using the Medical Records Form for all your dogs, studs, bitches and puppies.

Watching the Videos!          Within 24 hours you’ll receive that email from (also known as LifeLearn). Follow directions to go to that website and start watching the videos that you’ve been signed up for. We’ll track your progress.

Inspection:     When you’ve finished the video series, the next step will be inspection. We’ll contact you about that after the videos and have been completed.


Click here for the last details of the Certification Process :