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You Don’t Need Us, Right?

Why would you, possibly a highly qualified breeder, possibly with many years or experience and many AKC awards under your belt, need The Puppy Project? You’re already selling all your puppies. In fact, you have reservations for puppies that haven’t even been born yet. Why do you need us?

We hear that a lot

But there are so many things wrong with the Pet Industry today, things that directly affect you. And you can not only be part of the solution, but you can profit from the solution.

  1. Why is it the normal state of affairs for the public to spend large amounts of money buying a puppies in pet stores that were “bred” in a Puppy Mill.
  2. Why is it the normal state of belief among breeders that “if you breed dogs the right way, you can’t make money.”
  3. Why is there conflict between veterinarians and breeders when we should all be on the same team?
  4. Why can’t you sell your puppies for the same price that puppies of the same breed are sold for in pet stores?

Something is wrong with that. Dog breeding is a skill, an art, a passion.

You can take those bullet points, and turn them around, and THAT is our mission.

  1. To increase the revenue for high quality, ethical, responsible breeders.
  2. To decrease the number of dogs and puppies in puppy mills
  3. To create a new environment where veterinarians and breeder are on the same page, the same team
  4. To decrease the damage being done to the breeds we love by puppy mills
  5. To make it easier for the public to find great breeders like you.VETcbs ScreenshotLGE

YOU can be part of the solution.

By becoming certified by the Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship you allow the public to recognize you as an ethical, responsible breeder. It’s not enough that you know you are, or even that your peers know you are. It’s important the public not only knows you are, but that they can find you!

AdobeStock Computer HelpUntil you’ve been on the other side, looking for a puppy, you can’t imagine how impossible it is for the public to find a great breeder. On the Internet, anyone can appear to be a high quality breeder, anyone can appear to be ethical and responsible……  but how can a layman know?  We’ve seen smart people, computer savvy people, try their hardest to find a great breeder and wind up with a backyard breeder or pet store that looked great online. That’s the premise behind the Puppy Project…. to make buying a puppy easy, fun and especially safe!

If You’re a Breeder, Remember that The Puppy Project is NOT for all breeders.

It takes work to become certified. It takes dedication and passion. If you’re not among the best breeders in the country, this isn’t the place for you.

  1. But if you think you are a great breeder, we want you.
  2. If you think you are great breeder and the puppy buying public needs to know that you have great puppies, we want you.
  3. If you’re a great breeder and think that it’s a crime that people are spending thousands of dollars on puppies in pet stores, supporting an inhumane and cruel industry…. we want you.
  4. If you want to change the industry…. we want you.
  5. If you want to change the world for the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dog and puppies living miserable lives in puppy mills…. we want you.

If you think you fill that bill, the help us change everything. Click on the orange box on the right side, and start your certification process. If you’re still undecided, you can read more about the requirements for certification by clicking here:  Certification Requirements

We currently have two levels of Certified Breeders…. Certified and Expert.  Eventually we will have a third level as well… Master Breeder.

To become certified, our breeders have to fulfill the following requirements:


Certified Breeder:

  1. There are approximately 15 educational videos that you must watch, and be tested on. VETcbs Certification SealThe subjects range from Diseases to Genetics, from Nutrition to Sanitation.
  2. You agree to vaccinate and deworm your puppies and dam according the either AAHA standard protocols, or Dr Jean Dodd’s protocols (see here)
  3. You agree to take back any of your sold puppies at any time in their lives, for any reason, and either keep them or re-home them (at no charge to you)
  4. You agree to use our medical records format and to keep accurate records for all dogs and puppies
  5. You agree to have a veterinary exam and fecal analysis performed after the sale and before delivery of any puppies you sell.
  6. You agree to put our logo with a link back to the Puppy Project on your website.


Expert Breeder:

All the requirements for Certified Breeder ….. PLUSPuppyProject Expert Breeder Seal

  1. Approximate 20 additional educational videos to watch and be tested on.
  2. Having OFA testing done on the dam and sire of any puppy sold.


Master Breeder:

All of the requirements for Certified Breeder…. PLUS additional more in depth continuing education and a personal inspection by a veterinary professional.

PuppyProject Master Breeder Seal

If you’re a great breeder, and you’re interested in becoming Certified by The Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship, click the button to sign up at the right, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Become a CERTIFIED Breeder

Get Certified! Place your puppies in great homes. Help stop puppy mills. What could be better?

What Is the Puppy Project?

The Puppy Project is a new business model for how the pet industry should work. It was born out of frustration, seeing customers, willing to spend a significant amount of money, purchasing puppy mill dogs in pet stores. We veterinarians know that the customers overpaid for a poorly bred puppy that will most likely have medical problems (and perhaps emotional ones as well) throughout their lives. We knew there had to be a better way for the public to find great breeders. We realized that problem lay in the lack of standards and certification. 

Broker or Store?

The Puppy Project is not a store, nor a broker. We are a conduit for the public to find you. The country is full of people who have money to spend, and are having an incredibly hard time finding an ethical, responsible breeder like you. The Puppy Project will help them find you. Because of our reach, and our veterinary connection, we’ll also be offering the customer advantages that you may not be able to, such as Trupanion Pet Insurance, and discounts at veterinarians.

Why Should I Join?

The current business model in the purebred dog industry is an abject failure. Customers spend thousands of dollars on puppy mill dogs sold through pet stores, and they’re being swindled as much as anyone who pays thousands of dollars for a Zirconia ring. The public NEEDS an easy way to find a great breeder, like you! By offering certification and a website to sell your puppies to the public, you can sell your dogs for what they’re truly worth, help end the scourge of puppy mills, and help the customer who so desperately wants to buy your puppy. 

Breeder Requirements?

To become certified, our breeders must complete a video training course. Their homes will be inspected either in person or by video. They must agree to vaccinate and deworm their breeding stock and puppies according to the standards set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association or Dr Jean Dodds (with some exceptions). They must agree to take back any puppy sold at any time in the dog’s life for any reason (at no cost to the breeder). They must put a link to the Puppy Project on their website.

Who Runs The Puppy Project and What Does it Cost?

The Puppy Project is run by a team of veterinarians and breeders, including some veterinarians who are also dog breeders. Your certification will be managed by a team trained to weed out unethical breeders and puppy mills. Your actual certification will authorized by the Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship (www.VETcbs.com). The cost to become certified is ZERO. The cost for certified breeders to sell their puppies on The Puppy Project is ZERO. The buyer will pay commission on top of your chosen price.  When the time comes to sell a puppy, the buyer will make the purchase through the Puppy Project payment gateway. We only process the payment for you. 

Who Screens Buyers?

You do. You are not obligated in any way to sell a dog to anyone you don’t want to sell a puppy to. It’s entirely up to you to decide based on your own research and conversations with the potential buyer. We only facilitate getting you together, and facilitate the sale. When the time comes to sell, the buyer will pay the Puppy Project, and the Puppy Project will pay you.