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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a very rare breed. In 1986, Ms. Lana Lou Lane contacted the Animal Research Foundation (ARF) regarding a rare breed known as the "Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog". Lana Lou Lane, continued the breeding program until she passed away in her sleep on July 20th 2001. There is a considerable difference between the males and females. Males can be almost twice as heavy as the smallest females. With such a small genetic pool, health problems such as inversion of the eyelids (entropion) can develop. Character: The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a grand, powerful, exaggerated bulldog with a broad head and natural drop ears. The purpose of this Breed is: Guardian, protection, companion, sport and farm use. As a family guard dog, the Alapaha's mental characteristics and abilities are very impressive. These dogs have been used for centuries as a do-all farm dog. They are used for working cattle and catching hogs. Temperament: They show strength and alertness, yet agile and athletic, having an amazing endurance. This canine gives the impression of nobility, therefore, the name; Blue Blood. Guarding his master's person, family, and property is a natural instinct of this Breed. They were never bred for aggression, but he will protect, and go into action if and when the need arises. The Alapaha is a natural playmate and protector of children; he will for instance play different with a three year old than a twelve year old. He can also get along well with other animals, even cats.

Adult Size

  • Large

Appropriate Environment

  • Apartment
  • Fenced In Yard
  • House
  • Invisible Fenced Yard

Breed Group

  • Rare Breed

Coat Length

  • Very Short Coat

Coat Quality

  • Smooth Coat


  • Drools Occasionally
  • Drools Regularly

Energy Level

  • Energetic
  • Highly Energetic

Exercise Needs

  • Needs Lots of Exercise

Full Grown Height

  • 21-23″
  • 24-26″

Full Grown Weight

  • 71-75lbs
  • 76-80lbs
  • 80-90lbs
  • 91-100lbs

General Health

  • Pretty Healthy Breed

Good Choice for New Dog Owners

  • Good Dog for Your First Dog

Good Dog for Cold Weather?

  • Can Manage in Cold Weather

Good Dog for Hot Weather?

  • Can Manage in Hot Weather

Good With Children?

  • Good with Kids


  • Doesn’t Require Grooming


  • Smart
  • Very Intelligent


  • Affectionate


  • Playful

Social Behavior with Dogs

  • Socializes Sometimes with Other Dogs

Top Life Expectancy

  • 12 years
  • 13 years

Training Tendencies

  • Easy to Train

Vocalization Tendencies

  • Barks or Howls Appropriately