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Chow Chow


Adult Size

  • Large
  • Medium

Amount of Shedding

  • Sheds Excessively

Appropriate Environment

  • Apartment
  • Fenced In Yard
  • House
  • Invisible Fenced Yard

Behavior if Left Alone

  • Can Be Left Alone
  • Comfortable Being Left Alone

Breed Group

  • Working Group

Coat Length

  • Long Coat
  • Medium Coat

Coat Quality

  • Double Coat
  • Hard Coat
  • Rough Coat
  • Soft Coat


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cinnamon
  • Cream
  • Red


  • Doesn’t Really Drool

Energy Level

  • Get Up? Me?

Exercise Needs

  • Needs Occasional Exercise
  • Rarely Needs Exercise

Full Grown Height

  • 17-20″

Full Grown Weight

  • 41-45lbs
  • 46-50lbs
  • 51-55lbs
  • 56-60lbs
  • 61-65lbs
  • 66-70lbs

General Health

  • Pretty Healthy Breed

Good Choice for New Dog Owners

  • Not a Great Choice for Your First Dog

Good Dog for Cold Weather?

  • Can Manage in Cold Weather
  • Thrives in Cold Weather
  • Tolerates Cold Weather Well

Good Dog for Hot Weather?

  • Doesn’t Do Well in Hot Weather
  • Wrong Dog for Hot Weather

Good With Children?





Recommended OFA Tests

Social Behavior with Dogs

Top Life Expectancy