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French Spaniel


A friendly, outgoing breed, the French Spaniel is calm, affable and easily trained. They are intelligent, and energetic, and become very close with their masters. They respond best to encouraging, consistent training, and need plenty of exercise.

Adult Size

  • Medium

Breed Group

  • Sporting Group

Coat Length

  • Medium Coat

Coat Quality

  • Silky Coat
  • Wavy Coat


  • Brown
  • White


  • Doesn’t Really Drool

Energy Level

  • Energetic

Full Grown Height

  • 21-23″
  • 24-26″

Full Grown Weight

  • 46-50lbs
  • 51-55lbs
  • 56-60lbs

General Health

  • Healthy Breed

Good Choice for New Dog Owners

  • Good Dog for Your First Dog
  • Great First Dog!

Good Dog for Cold Weather?

  • Can Manage in Cold Weather

Good Dog for Hot Weather?

  • Can Manage in Hot Weather

Good With Children?

  • Good with Kids


  • Requires Occasional Brushing


  • Very Intelligent


  • Affectionate


  • Playful

Recommended OFA Tests

Social Behavior with Dogs

Top Life Expectancy

Training Tendencies