Frequently Asked Questions


What's wrong with buying a puppy from a Pet Store?

According to PetFinder,  “Pet stores that sell dogs and cats regard them as inventory, often getting their “stock” from middlemen or brokers. Though the staff may assure you that the animals in their store were raised humanely, most have little knowledge of the conditions at the kennels where the pets were born. Approximately 99% of puppies sold in Pet Stores come from Puppy Mills. In fact, according the Humane Society, “Almost all pet store puppies come from puppy mills. ”

You may think that because of his age, the puppy  you’re considering buying may have not been at the breeding facility very long. You may think that by buying him, you will give him a good home, so where’s the harm? The harm is in perpetuating the conditions under which the animal was bred. The harm is in supporting an industry that keeps tens of thousands of breeding dogs in concentration camp like conditions.

But these puppies need homes too? Aren't I helping them by giving them a good home?

You may be helping one puppy, but by spending your money in a Pet Store, you’re helping to support an entire industry that is built around treating dogs like products. This industry has no regard for their health, their socialization, the breed itself, or you, the consumer. You’re making a purchase of a living being that will live with you, in your home, for the next ten to fifteen years. Most puppy mill dogs have significantly more medical and emotional problems throughout their lives than well bred dogs. And when these medical problems occur, it’s going to be up to you to deal with them, both financially and emotionally.

But the Pet Store said that all the puppies come from USDA certified breeders. Doesn't that mean anything?

According the ASPCA website,   Many pet store owners will tell you they get all their puppies from “licensed USDA breeders” or “local breeders.” In fact, in order to sell puppies to pet stores, a breeder must be licensed by the USDA! Pet stores often use this licensing to provide a false sense of security to customers, when what it really means is that they do, in fact, get their puppies from puppy mills.

The fact is, responsible breeders would never sell a puppy through a pet store because they want to screen potential buyers to ensure that the puppies are going to good homes. And that’s precisely why The Puppy Project will put you in direct contact with your breeder.


So how does The Puppy Project know that the puppies don't come from puppy mills?

Each breeder who you see on the Puppy Project has undergone a rigorous certification process, that includes education, inspection of their homes, and legal contracts that obligate them to confirm with our medical standards, including vaccination protocols, dewormings, and veterinary visits.


Is there any kind of a guarantee? The pet store told me they'd offer a guarantee.

Most pet stores that offer guarantees don’t specify what that means. Experience has shown us that it means that if the puppy is sold sick, or becomes sick, you can bring the puppy to “their” veterinarian for care, or return the puppy.  But if you bring the puppy to “their” veterinarian, you can count on that puppy being cared for in a less than optimal manner, because nobody is paying for the veterinary care. Sick puppies can require thousands of dollars worth of care. If the cost of the care exceeds the cost of the puppy, the pet store will tell you to bring the puppy back to the store, where it will either die, or be euthanized. In the few states that actually have “Puppy Lemon Laws”, these laws only obligate the Pet Store to pay for medical care up to the cost of the puppy. And good luck getting them to actually pay.

So what is Puppy Project guarantee?

  1. We’ll guarantee that the puppies you see on the Puppy Project have been hand raised by dedicated, passionate, loving breeders.
  2. We’ll guarantee that when the puppy gets to your home, it will have health insurance ready for you to activate from day one. (this will guarantee the highest quality care, without regards to cost, in the unlikely possibility that your new puppy becomes ill or has an accident).
  3. We’ll guarantee that for the life of your dog, if anything should ever happen whereas you can no longer keep your dog, the breeder will take the dog back.
  4. We’ll guarantee that you’ll never get a hard sell, the way they do in pet stores. To the contrary, our breeders reserve the right NOT to sell you the puppy if they don’t think you’d provide an appropriate home for that breed of dog.

What else can The Puppy Project provide?

Because the Puppy Project was started by veterinarians, we are offering something that you just can’t find anywhere else. We veterinarians hate it more than anything when we see a dog or cat that’s sick… that we know we have the knowledge and technology to cure…. but the owners either can’t afford to or won’t treat. So we’ve put together a plan that will reduce to ZERO the out of pocket expenses for medical care (excluding wellness visits, vaccinations, dentistry, and anything the insurance might not cover) for any dog purchased on The Puppy Project for the life of the dog.