What’s The Puppy Project?

The Puppy Project was created by a group of people passionate about one goal: improving the lives of dogs. They knew that Puppy Mills and other bad actors were selling mistreated, sickly dogs, to unsuspecting customers everywhere, while cutting breeders who treated dogs properly completely out of the market. The Puppy Project fixes both problems: It connects YOU with breeders experts have inspected. This protects dog owners, dog breeders, and dogs themselves – winning for everyone.

Put simply, the Puppy Project works because it brings standards into the pet markets that were previously exploited like the Wild West, to the detriment of honest consumers and businesses. By guaranteeing the quality of your breeder, and the health of your new dog, we accomplish several goals:


1. We make sure only honest dog breeders make a profit – no more profits for those who exploit helpless puppies!

2. We save you thousands in future veterinary bills. When you buy a puppy from a pet store, you are buying a puppy that has health issues only the most trained of eyes can see. The average customer can’t always go see how their new dog was raised – by doing it for you, you get a healthy dog – guaranteed.

3. We end the mistreatment of dogs, and the scourge of Puppy Mills.


Because let’s face it: If there is an accessible, better option, nobody would put money in the pockets of Puppy Mills. The Puppy Project connects customers to those better options, ending the reign of  the merchants of evil who hurt dogs and people alike.