Our goals are simple: 

  1. End Puppy Mills
  2. Betterment of Purebred Dogs
  3. Allow Responsible Breeders to make a living
  4. Increase income for veterinarians

But we need your help creating a nationwide network of both breeders and veterinarians who will help the cause. We need Breeders who will go through the process of becoming certified, and we need veterinarians who will work with the breeders to help them have their puppies certified for sale.

We all have our own individual needs as well. We veterinarians know how difficult it may be to pay back our student loans while working full time for far less than other medical professionals. With this in mind, we’ve created a Referral Program, that will both help the Puppy Project cause, and help veterinarians make some extra money without having to put the hours in.

So, ultimately, our goals are to increase income both for breeders (through access to new markets and increased prices) and for veterinarians, (by having more patients come your way, and have those patients insured)

First, your responsibilities as one of our affiliated veterinarians:

  • To aid the responsible breeders in raising their puppies according to the standards created by the Council.
    • You can see those requirements here: http://puppyproject.org/breeder-certification-requirements/
    • We are asking you to help them by discounting the cost of the pre-purchase exam. The purpose of this pre-purchase exam is two-fold.
      1. First is to make sure that the puppy being sold is healthy, and that they’ve followed our vaccination and deworming requirements.
      2. The second part of this is to sign them up for the 30-days of FREE pet insurance through Trupanion. It just takes a quick phone call from your office, or it can be done online.
    • We know that time is money for veterinarians, and we don’t want to you lose money. Eventually, you’ll have the sort of relationship with the breeder where you’ll be able to do the entire exam, and review their records, and sign them up for the insurance in under five minutes. Please keep these costs as low as possible, and please let the breeder know how much you’re discounting them from normal costs.
  • Accepting Payment from insurance on the new dog: Your payoff will be when these puppies that are sold on Puppy Project come back to you (because we’ll be referring them to you) fully insured, and will hopefully become your patient for life. That, of course depends on how great you are with the new clients.
    • However, when they do come back to you as clients, you will agree to accept payment from the insurance company IN FULL for any medical care provided, for the rest of the dog’s life (if they maintain the insurance policy). This is an incredible incentive for the owners to continue keeping their new dog insured. And an insured patient is your BEST patient. No more haggling about costs of treatment. No more euthanizing because treatment isn’t affordable.
    • The insurance company we’re using, Trupanion, will pay you 90% of the total bill for sick care. That means you’re effectively discounting about 10%, but as you can imagine, you’ll be able to DO more diagnostics, treatments, and your patients will live longer and therefore be your patient for longer.

In addition, we’re providing FOUR possible new income streams for you as a veterinarian.

Breeder Referrals

Your job is to refer breeders to Puppy Project to allow them to go through the certification process, and eventually sell their dogs on our website.

In return for this referral, as a “finder’s fee”, so to speak, you earn 1% of everything they gross for the first year.

You may think that many breeders sell their pups for only $200-$300 and 1% of that may not be much. But remember, part of our program is to help real, legitimate, responsible breeders charge more and earn more for the dogs they sell. So 5% of a $200 sale isn’t much at all, but 5% of a $2000 sale can make a dent in those student loans. And that’s just for one puppy sold. You’ll make 5% of everything they gross for the first year on Puppy Project.


The breeders will need to have every puppy examined before sale, and after the examination they need to sign up for pet insurance. Your job is to examine the puppies before sale. The income from this may be minimum, but it’s something. Even if you charge the breeder $20, you don’t need to spend much time doing the examination.

We all know that during a typical 20 minute examination or a clients dog, we spend 15 minutes getting history, discussing things like HW testing, flea and tick prevention, diet, and even just chatting. For this exam for an 8-12 week old puppy that has already been sold, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, if that.

New Clients

By agreeing to help service the breeders in your area, you will also reap the benefit of having all puppies sold through the Puppy Project in the area that you’re located in being referred to YOU as their potential new veterinarian.

Depending on your geographic area, the value of a new puppy as a patient can range from $5,000-$10,000 over the life of the dog.

And the best part of it is this:  all puppies come to you already insured, so if they are brought to you and they’re ill, you can actually make a profit healing them.

Refer Veterinarians

As we said, we need a nationwide network of veterinarians willing to work with responsible breeders to help put the Puppy Mills out of business. We veterinarians all have networks of friends and colleagues, and we need them all. For every veterinarian or veterinary practice that agrees to pick up the gauntlet and help our cause, you’ll get a referral fee of $20.