Veterinarians Hate Seeing Sick Puppies

Why We Need You in Our Network of Veterinarians
And Why YOU Need to Help


Of course we hate seeing sick puppies, but what’s even worse is when we see a client come to our office with a beautiful puppy that we know came from a puppy mill. We know that this puppy is a medical ticking time bomb. We’ll do everything we can to help the puppy stay healthy, but usually bad genetics trumps good medicine and lifestyle. Sometimes the best advice we can give the new clients with a puppy mill dog is to get pet insurance because we KNOW that sooner or later, they’re going to need it.

Being part of the Puppy Project network will directly contribute to the end the domination of Puppy Mills and of Pet Stores selling puppies.

Who benefits when the a puppy is sold either sick, or sold with two strikes against it genetically? Certainly not the poor puppy, not the new owner, not the pet insurance company. Not even you, the veterinarian. Most people after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new puppy don’t want to spend more to get the puppy healthy. They thought they were buying a healthy puppy. So either you treat the dog at no charge, or greatly reduced charge, or the costs are too high, they just bring the dog back and get another one. And you know what happens to the sick puppies brought back to the pet store.

The only ones who prosper are the puppy mills, or incompetent breeders who cut every corner to make the most profit on this sale, and the pet store (if that’s where the puppy came from). How many times have you had to tell a client that despite the pet store claims that the puppy has “had all it’s shots”, you can see the medical record (as if that has any real meaning) that the puppy hasn’t had any vaccines since 6 weeks old. And how many times have you seen the “medical record” from a pet store puppy say that the dog had been dewormed every week for the past three months with every available deworming medication, but the dog still turns up positive for Roundworms, Hookworms, and Giardia?084936.ME.0723.sickpuppy.AJS

Breeders don’t understand why veterinarians don’t respect the work that they do. Perhaps we should say that “legitimate” breeders don’t understand that. They believe that they know more about caring for “their” breed than any veterinarian would know. What they don’t understand is why we feel like this. They don’t understand the sheer volume of sick puppies we see from so-called “breeders”, and from pet stores or online puppy mills. Legitimate, passionate, dedicated breeders are our greatest ally. We just have to connect to them.

Working in the Puppy Project network will allow you to have a “partnership” relationship with great breeders, not an adversarial relationship with pet stores, puppy mills and “irresponsible breeders”.

Your Responsibilities to Owners

Our ultimate goal is to end the Puppy Mill problem in our country. Every dog sold on the Puppy Project is one less dog sold through Puppy Mills, and less money going into the coffers of the Puppy Mill industry.
With that in mind, we need to offer perks to the public to change their buying habits. A big part of this falls on the shoulders of veterinarians. But the good thing is, these perks are great for veterinarians as well.
Veterinarians who are part of our network will agree to accept payment for medical services directly from the insurance company, as payment in full for services rendered. This may at first glance appear that you’re working at a discount, but the reality is that patients with pet insurance allow veterinarians to practice medicine to the best of our abilities, without regard to cost. So we may be accepting payments from the insurance company of 90% of the total bill, but we will be able to practice medicine better, and the total bill for sick cases will be much higher. Aren’t you tired of having people tell you they can’t afford care?

Your Responsibilities to Breeders

Another goal of the Puppy Project is to forge better relationships between breeders and veterinarians. We know this can be contentious at time. But responsible breeders need our help. We’d like you to offer a 10-25% discount to our breeders. And if their dogs have insurance, we want you to accept the insurance payment as payment in full. The same logic applies. You’re giving a 10% discount (insurance will pay 90%), but you’ll be able to do much more.

Helping You Care for Sick Puppies

Every puppy sold through The Puppy Project will come to their new home already insured. This means that if a Puppy Project dog is presented to you and is sick, you can care for that dog to the best of your ability without regards to cost. We all know what an unusual pleasure that would be.

Less Conflict

All the breeders selling their dogs on The Puppy Project will adhere to certain vaccination and deworming protocols. So no longer will you have to tell the new owner that the puppy hasn’t had vaccinations in months, and you’re sorry, but there’s a lot of catching up to do, and no, you can’t do it for free because the pet store said that the dog “had all it’s shots already”.

New Clients, Better Clients

New Clients, New Patients will be referred to you when they purchase their puppy on the Puppy Project. And you’ll know that these clients will be your best clients, because they’ve been smart enough to have avoided the pitfalls of buying a puppy at a pet store or through a puppy mill. These are the clients who will do anything for their pet, and the fact that their puppies come with pet insurance will probably mean that they will continue to purchase pet insurance over the years that they’re your clients. And insured patients are the best patients.

Less Euthanasia

There’s nothing as sad as having to euthanize a puppy because the medical costs of curing it outweigh the profit that the pet store can make selling it.  Since every puppy will come with pet insurance, you’ll never again have to euthanize (or send back to the pet store to die) a puppy for lack of available funds.